Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) has initiated the Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) programme to promote exemplary research in the fields of Science & Technology, including Pharmaceutical Science, Applied Sciences, Management Studies, Computer Applications, Medical sciences and other such sciences.

The Post Doctoral Fellowship Programme at CHARUSAT intends to promote the research that has the following objectives:

a) A time bound focused research work

b) Research work which fits into the CHARUSAT research plan

c) Research projects assigned by the industry

d) The research project supported through Government Funding agencies or any other such entities

These fellowships are to supplement the resource persons in R&D efforts in institutions/laboratories/departments, etc. where basic infrastructure and resources exist. It is not intended to support establishment of specialized facilities, centers or divisions.

The fellowship is normally provided through recognized Professor (Mentor) in regular employment in CHARUSAT. Mentor shall be

a) Ph. D holder with proven track record of research substantiated through Journal publications, Patents and other such parameter

b) Principal Investigator of any funded research project

c) Able to monitor and guide the postdoctoral fellows

External mentors may also be invited to guide the post doctoral fellow. Also with prior approval from mentor may nominate and collaborate with external senior level known researcher to achieve the specific objectives.

Total expenditure may be managed in two parts.
a). Stipend to Post-Doctoral fellow from CHARUSAT or from funding agency.

b). Other expenses (recurring as well as non-recurring) from funded research project or from CHARUSAT

Fellowships are liable to be terminated, if the progress is not found satisfactory. In such cases fellow has to return the drawn stipend to CHARUSAT. At the same time, it shall be mandatory for the mentor and post doctoral fellow to suitably acknowledge the support received from CHARUSAT in each of the publications arising from the work done during the fellowship.

Operation of the Fellowship

  • Upon the directions from the Provost, Registrar shall initiate the process for calling research proposal from the interested mentor through The Dean.
  • Dean shall announce the Post Doctoral Fellowship opportunity to the faculty members. Interested faculties (mentors) may submit their proposals to the Dean duly forwarded through Head of the department.
  • The dean will select the potential applications and forward it directly to the academic section/ Registrar of CHARUSAT. Proposals shall be discussed in the research council of the CHARUSAT for the allocation of Post Doctoral Fellow to the mentor.
  • In case there are more than five proposals in particular discipline, Dean may constitute scrutinization committee to pick the best two proposals from each discipline which may be propose to the research council.
  • The dedicated research council meeting shall be called upon to review and to discuss the viability of the research proposal. The following points may be considered
  • Technological development
  • Publication oriented research
  • Support to existing research scholars of the CHARUSAT.
  • The research which create opportunity to propose the major research project from external funding agency.
  • The council shall recommend best proposals for financial assistance for postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Application Procedure

    Once the total number of fellowship is decided and allotted to the mentors by the research council, application shall be invited through various modes of advertisement.

    Upon advertisement by CHARUSAT, Candidate may submit their application on plain paper along with updated resume, list of publications, full length articles of two important papers, copies of certificate (B. Sc, M. Sc, PhD/ M. D/ B. Tech, M. Tech/ B.C.A, MCA/ B.B.A, MBA/ B.Pharm, M.Pharm), Two letters of recommendation (academic) etc.

    Candidate has to submit one or two page synopsis of proposed research. It is preferable that the research area interest shall be compatible with ongoing vision, mission and current research activities of the Institute/Department where fellows are going to work.

    Dean shall appoint the scrutiny committee with prior approval from the Provost, which may have following members:

    1) Dean of the Institute

    2) Principal of the institute

    3) Provost nominee senior level expert

    4) Senior faculty of the institute and Head of the department

    5) Mentor who has expressed his/her willingness to take the fellow.

    Scrutiny committee may consider the following criteria for short listing:

    1) Quality of the PhD work

    2) Quality of the publication

    3) Knowledge of various field and disciplines which is reflected from the publications or synopsis of the Ph.D work

    4) Usefulness of the fellow’s knowledge to the existing CHARUSAT research programmes

    Selection of the fellows

    Selection committee may be constituted by the Dean with following member:

    1) Dean

    2) Principal

    3) Senior faculty of the institute or head of the department

    4) Provost nominee expert in relevant field (Not below the rank of Professor/Associate Professor)

    5) Mentor who hosts the fellow

    Candidate has to present his/her thesis work and proposed work in person at CHARUSAT. This shall be scrutinized in an intensive way. However, candidate who can appear for interview via video conference with prior approval.

    Selection committee shall recommend the name of the candidate to be appointed as fellow. Also committee shall recommend the waiting list of the candidates in priority order.


    The minimum qualifications are: Doctorate (PhD/MD) or equivalent degree.

    The upper age limit for the fellow shall be 35 years as on the day on which the application is made.


    The fellowship shall be offered initially for one year.

    Extension beyond 1 year may be considered in a few deserving cases depending on the progress and need of the project; extension shall be granted upto one more year and no extension shall be given beyond two years.

    The mentor shall make a request for extension in time giving detailed justification and period for which extension is required.

    A detailed report of scientific achievements under the Post Doctoral Fellowship programme, since its commencement must invariably be sent along with the request for extension. The mentor should also state clearly that a second extension is not contemplated at all.

    Stipend and Benefits

  • The consolidated emoluments shall be given to a fellow while working in CHARUSAT is Rs. 25000/- per month. In addition to that, 10% HRA shall be given to the fellow.
  • Fellow not entitled for any other benefits as CHARUSAT employees are getting.
  • Fellow shall be allowed to access the existing facility to carry out his/her research work.
  • Fellow shall be provided with computer facility and internet connection for research, report and reference work and library facility.
  • A Fellow may avail of 12 days leave with stipend for each year of his/her tenure.
  • leaves not availed cannot be carried over to the next year. Leave counted more than 12 days shall be considered as a leave without pay and will be as per CHARUSAT rules and regulations as decided from time-to-time.
  • If fellow requires more leaves for projects requiring extensive travelling / field work at different places it shall be granted with prior permission from concerned Dean and Mentor.
  • Obligations of Mentor

    The sanctioned research scheme or work or project must commence within 1 month from the date of receipt of the sanction letter, unless otherwise authorized by CHARUSAT, Failing to this the fellowship will be treated as withdrawn.

    It shall be mandatory for the mentor and fellow to come to the monitoring session against the monitoring committee constituted by the Dean with prior permission from the Provost, when invited to present work done of the fellow.

    Mentor and fellow have to submit renewal application and progress report (in prescribed format) to CHARUSAT.

    Mentor has to see that the fellow publish (SCI journals only) or prepare at least one manuscript (to be published). It is compulsion for the mentor to acknowledge the support given by CHARUSAT in all the publications arising from the work done under the scheme. CHARUSAT should be acknowledged in similar type of other published work/press reports etc.

    Mentor has to submit the final report (in prescribed format) before 15 days of completion of the fellowship, describing original objective(s), how far these objective(s) have been achieved and how the results have benefitted the development or enriched the existing knowledge on the subject by enclosing manuscripts, preprints and reprints of the papers arising from the fellowship tenure.

    Mentor has to send one reprint of each research paper(s) published as a result of the work done under the fellowship to dean and IQAC of the institute as and when it is published. The Dean shall send those reprints or accepted manuscripts to the Research Council.

    In the event of a mentor proceeding abroad on sabbatical leave for a period exceeding two months or takes up an assignment within the country involving his/her absence from his/ her duty for two months at a stretch, he/she may name a co-mentor to supervise the fellow and such a name has to be approved in advance by CHARUSAT.

    If the mentor goes abroad for a fairly long period, CHARUSAT shall have the right to terminate the project or abridge the tenure, as the case may be. In any event mentor shall give prior notice to CHARUSAT of his/her intention to stay away from the project.

    At the end of tenure or early leave, fellow has to get No Objection Certificate from the related departments such as Library, Wincell, Canteen, HR etc.

    Fellow shall submit all the material and reagent generated during the experimentation along with hand written record book to the Mentor which shall be verify and inform to the respective Dean.

    General rules for the fellows

  • Selected candidate has to join his duties within a month’s time.
  • It will be mandatory for the selected fellow to sign agreement of one year stay in CHARUSAT. If candidate leaves the fellowship scheme, he/she has to return back the drawn fellowship.
  • Selected fellow has to work with the allocated mentor on the mutually agreed work area.
  • Selected fellow has to take part in ongoing research activities of the Laboratory/Institute/ Department.
  • Selected fellow has to actively take part in all academic events organized or conducted by the Laboratory/Institute/ Department.
  • The award of fellowship does not imply to fellows for any assurance or guarantee for subsequent employment by CHARUSAT or at the Institution where he/she is working.
  • If the fellow is reported to have been lacking in his/her research assignment, the fellowship is liable to be terminated by CHARUSAT and drawn fellowship has to return back to CHARUSAT.
  • Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) shall be the owner of all the intellectual property patentable/non-patentable generated by fellow, if any. However there shall be a royalty sharing agreement between CHARUSAT and the fellow inventors, as and when required.
  • Budget requirement + infrastructure

    Budget and infrastructure requirement (for 2 years)

    Fellowship Computer Infrastructure

  • Laboratory space with working table
  • Sitting table and chair
  • Internet connection with i.d. to the fellows
  • File Cabinet
  • Library access
  • Other consumables and contingency shall be decided by the management authority.