Dr. K. C. Patel Research and Development Centre

The Research and Development Centre was established in January 2007 to undertake R&D work in the emerging areas of Science and Technology like Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, ICT, Soft Computing and others. It is named after late Dr. K C Patel, former Vice Chancellor of Sardar Patel University and a Nuclear Scientist of repute. He was also the President of Shri Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar Kelavani Mandal.

The Guiding Principles


To become an internationally acclaimed research centre


To undertake socially relevant research in emerging areas of Science and Technology


  • To carry out research in emerging areas of Science and Technology
  • To undertake sponsored research and consultancy
  • To train and educate human resources for R & D
  • To collaborate with international and national research centers’ / institutes / universities
  • To protect intellectual property generated though patents
  • To disseminate new knowledge through publications
  • Human Resources

    Human resources at KRADLE consist of core faculty, supporting staff and Ph.D. students. Dr. T K Chaudhuri is leading the centre as the Head.

    Dr. Kinnari Parekh, Dr. Anjana Kothari and Dr. Sachin Joshi are working as scientists. Dr. Jaymin Ray has joined KRADLE as a Research Associate.

    The research scholars Mr. Prashant Ghadiya, Mr. Mitesh Patel, Mr. Jaykumar Patel, Ms. Nidhi Parikh Ms. Vamangi Pandya and Mr. Dhaval Vankhede are working under various project grants for their doctoral thesis.

    Major Activities

  • R & D in emerging areas of Science and Technology
  • Undertaking sponsored research and consultancy
  • Imparting training to human resources for R & D and industries>
  • Collaborations with international and national research centers’ / institutes / universities
  • Protection of intellectual property though patents
  • Dissemination of new knowledge through publications
  • Current Research Areas

    The scientists’ and research students of KRADLE working on specific topics of different research areas are as follow:

  • Thin Films and Nanostructures (TFN): Low cost new materials and processes for thin film solar photovoltaics and allied devices (T. K. Chaudhuri & Anjana Kothari)
  • Nanofluids for thermal applications: oxides and magnetic nanoparticles (Kinnari Parekh)
  • Supramolecules and biopolymers for medical applications (Sachin Joshi)
  • Specific topics:

  • Solution-processed copper tin sulphide (Cu2SnS3) thin films for solar cells
  • Targeted drug delivery with biomedicinal polyoxometalates in biopolymers
  • Thin films of tin sulphide based semiconductor for solar applications
  • Copper zinc tin sulphide (CZTS) films for printed solar cells from microwave-synthesized ink
  • High thermal conductivity nanofluids for heat transfer devices
  • Biofunctionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for amyloidogenic diseases
  • Inkjet printed organic-inorganic nanocomposites films
  • Sponsored projects

    Research staff of KRADLE has earned several research grants from various Government funding agencies.

    Centre is working on seven on-going research projects of cost Rs. 475 lakh. Moreover, scientists’ have submitted various research projects of total cost Rs. 375 lakh to the funding agencies such as Solar Mission, Department of Science and Technology and Department of Biotechnology. Few of these proposed projects are presented during the year 2013 – 2014.

    On-going: (Rs. 430 lakhs)

    Project Funding Agency Budget
    (Rs. in Lakhs)
    Inkjet printing of Inorganic thin films for Solar Photovoltaics (T K Chaudhuri, Anjana Kothari ) Solar Energy Research Initiative (SERI), DST, GoI 73
    Up-scaling of tailor made magnetic fluids and its characterization for different applications: Coolant, Damper, Seal, etc. (Kinnari Parekh, R V Upadhyay, Rucha Desai ) Technology Development Programme, DST, GoI 283
    100kW Roof-top Grid-tied Solar Power System for CHARUSAT Campus
    (T K Chaudhuri)
    Solution grown Cu2SnS3 thin films for solar cells, (T K Chaudhuri, T Shripathy) UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore 6
    Supramolecular hydrogels an efficient carrier for sustained/targeted delivery of biomedicinal polyoxometalates (Sachin Joshi ) Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme, DST, GoI 23
    Thermal conductivity of nanofluids: Potential application in heat transfer devices (Kinnari Parekh, Sachin Joshi) Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), Gujarat 3.75

    Under active-consideration: (Rs. 142 lakhs)

    Project Funding Agency Budget
    (Rs. in Lakhs)
    Studies on light harvesting properties of solution processed ZnO nanostructures (Anjana Kothari, T K Chaudhuri) Solar Energy Research Initiative (SERI), DST, GoI 70
    Development of solution-based nanostructured PbS/ZnO composite gas sensors (Anjana Kothari) Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme, DST, GoI 28
    Screening of ten local sawdust as an absorbent for the removal of waste water and its use as fuel (Sachin Joshi, Bragdish Iyer) Department of Biotechnology, GoI 33
    Flash evaporated kesterite CZTS thin films for solar cells (Dr. Jaymin Ray) Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme, DST, GoI 11

    For details, consultancy, projects and collaboration, contact: Dr. T K Chaudhuri

    Landline: 02697 248285

    Mobile: 9879140308

    E-mail: tkchaudhuri.rnd@charusat.ac.in