Sr. No.Name of Project in-charge/Co-PIName of the funding AgencyAmount in Rs. Project Period Project Type( MINOR/MAJOR) Project Title
1Dr. Gayatri Patel, Principal InvestigatorGUJCOST5 lakhs2 yearsMinorPreparation & Evaluation of Biodegradable in-situ gel forming injectable controlled drug delivery system based on thermoresponsive Methyl Cellulose Hydrogel.
2Dr. Vijay Parmar, Principal Investigator Dr.Manan Raval, Co- InvestigatorGUJCOST4 lakhs2 yearsMinorPre-Clinical Pharmacokinetic studies on Aphrodisiac Phytoconstituent.
3Dr. Samir Patel, Principal InvestigatorGUJCOST4.9 lakhs2 yearsMinorDevelopment and Validation of stability indicating chromatographic methods (Accelerated and time stability study) for identification of some herbal formulation used in CNS disorder.
4Dr.Manan Raval, Principal Investigator Ms. Kanan Gamit, Co-Investigator Dr. Jagdish Patel, Co-InvestigatorGUJCOST3.6 lakhs2 yearsMinorEvaluation of multicomponent Ayurveda formulation – Ashwagndhadi Lehya*
5Mr. Ravish Patel, Principal InvestigatorGUJCOST1.8 lakhs2 yearsMinorDevelopment and characterization of nano sized drug carrier microemulsion formulation
6Mr. Umang Shah, Principal Investigator Dr. Samir Patel, Co- InvestigatorGUJCOST6.2 lakhs2 yearsMinorDesign, synthesis and biological evaluation of flavonoids derivatives as potential non-steroidal inhibitors in breast cancer
7Mr. Niraj Vyas, Principal Dr. Manan Raval, Co- InvestigatorGUJCOST4.5 lakhs2 yearsMinorPhytochemical and pharmacological studies on isolated principles ofArgyreia speciosa for aphrodisiac and spermatogenic potential