CHARUSAT Campus has been full of buzz – buzzed with the student activities – be them academic, academic support or extra-curricular activities. The aim behind all these activities is to cause the holistic development of students and develop in them an overall personality.


CHARUSAT offers training for NSS and NCC trainings for interested students.

Interested students may please contact the Sports & Gymnasium Coordinator:

Contact Person: Mr. Yogesh Jani

Contact Number: (02697) 265036

    The Quill – CHARUSAT Students’ Magazine

    CHARUSAT students publish a Magazine named THE QUILL dedicated to art, literature and creativity. It is published twice a year. You can be a team member of the magazine or get yourself published! To know more, you may contact: Department of Humanities and Social Science or write your queries to or send your submission to

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      Blood Donation Camp

      CHARUSAT has been organizing Blood Donation Camps in collaboration with organizations like Red Cross Society, Prathma Blood Bank etc,. The response of the students has been very enthusiastic and participation in large number.

        Sports and Cultural Week

        The most eagerly awaited event of every year at CHARUSAT is the Celebration of Sports and Cultural Week - Spoural. During the week, more than 22 Cultural Events like Dancing, Singing, Rangoli, Fashion Show, Mr. and Ms. CHARUSAT, Mimicry, Instrument Playing are organized with student participation exceeding 1200. Students also play various games and show the sportsman spirit. Key games include Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Chess, and Table Tennis.

        Both, Students and Faculty members show equal participation during the Celebration.


          CHARUSAT encourages students to establish organizations and clubs that reflect their interests and mastery of learning outcomes. Following are the student associations presently functioning at CHARUSAT.


          Illuminati is the name of the group of students from Chandubhai S Patel Institute of Technology who have joined hands to serve the students of CHARUSAT.

          The basic aim of Illuminati is to create a fruitful ambiance in the university and thus produce enhanced professionals.

          To fulfill this aim, Illuminati conducts activities such as guest lectures, presentations on latest inventions, workshops and more.


            KADAM is a student association founded by the students of CHARUSAT with an aim of helping underprivileged students from primary schools on nearby villages.

            The KADAM volunteers have started teaching English to the kids of Valetava village. They have also started collecting small donations and distributing shoes, clothes and books among the poor kids.

            Any one who wishes to volunteer for the welfare of the needy ones and work with KADAM. For more information on KADAM, please visit Website

              Green Club

              Green club is an initiative of the environment conscious students of CHARUSAT. It creates awareness among other students towards the deteriorating environment. Also some interesting activities having taken place such as snake show, wildlife photography workshop, Garbage collection, Nature camp at Dang, Tree plantation etc.

              The Green club volunteers also organize short marathons to spread awareness among the village population regarding environment.

                Central Council

                At CHARUSAT, Central Council is constituted to enhance coordination among the Institute and Students and to organize co-curricular and extra – curricular activities. Through a layer of student representatives like General Secretary, Coordinators and Members, the Council organizes various Festival – Technical & Cultural etc. Celebration of Annual sports & Cultural events followed by Annual Day of the Institute marks the culmination of the Activities of the Central Council for a particular year.

                Students with similar interests can create a Club/ Committee. It must be registered and approved by the Management of CHARUSAT. Students may approach their Principal for the purpose or

                Contact Person: Dr. Harish Desai;

                Contact Number: (02697) 265008; 9825515638;

                Contact Email:

                All clubs and Committees are subject to the regulations and policies of the University.

                  Sports & Gymnasium

                  CHARUSAT campus offers wide range of team sports, exercises, fitness and other related activities. Selected activities include various indoor and outdoor games like badminton, table tennis, cricket, volleyball and football, gymnasium, etc.

                  The gym is open from 9am to 5pm. Please remember to bring your student ID card every time you visit the gym and you also have to bring sport shoes. Non-sport shoes will not be allowed in the gym.

                  You may please contact the Sports and Gymnasium Coordinator:

                  Contact Person: Mr. YogeshJani

                  Contact Number: (02697) 265036; 9558295583

                  Contact Email: