A Humble Request for the Noble Cause

Shri Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar Kelavani Mandal – A not for profit organization has initiated the activities of Education Amelioration. It works with the Mission of Soocial Upliftment of the community in general and rural community in particular through the spread of education.

Efforts of last 19 years have borne fruits in the form of Charotar University of Science and Technology – A University Par Excellence established under the Gujarat State Act No. 8 of 2009, Government of Gujarat, India.

Lives of about 6000 students are being benefited at CHARUSAT. Present establishments and facilities entail an expenditure of more than Rs. 100 Crores (Rs. 1000 million). This growth has been possible with support from more than 800 valued Philanthropists and innumerable Well-wishers across the globe.

We salute all the donors and seek more support from society. The Education March needs donations, needs expertise, needs knowledge resources from society to give back to the future generations. We salute their patriotism.

Next few pages depict an anthology of our valued patrons. The donations shown are the actual amount received by us.

    Apart from direct contributions, you can also make available education resources or facilities for the cause of education:

  • Donating Books and Journals
  • Donating Equipments and Softwares
  • Expertise Sharing
  • Sponsoring a Student
  • Avenue to Help Contact PersonE-mailMobile Number
    Donating Books and JournalsMr. Dinesh Patel LibrarianHelp.library@charusat.ac.in9909543820
    Donating Equipments and SoftwareMr. Hasmukh Patel Dy.RegistrarDonate.resource@charusat.ac.in9426500630
    Expertise SharingMr. Devang Joshi RegistrarShare.expertise@charusat.ac.in9825303420
    Sponsoring a StudentMr. Harish Desai Dy.RegistrarSponsor.student@charusat.ac.in9825515638