“Donor could avail depositing directly into account #439005034338 at nearest branch of Bank of America”.

Increase your contributions – without spending an extra dollar

You can make huge increases on your charitable contributions by offering matching gift schemes and matching the donations given by your employees dollar for dollar – or more.

Boost company morale

Offering to match employee donations can motivate individuals and teams to raise money for Charusat Educational Foundation (CEF) [ Visit Website ] – helping to improve the education in India and boosting staff morale at the same time. It also provides great stories for internal communications and external press.

Contact us for more information about how to set up a matching gift scheme at your company and how to list CEF as part of your scheme. Email: vspcharusat@gmail.com

Let us check out companies that are well known for having employee donation programs.

Some well-known examples include GE and CHEVRON. CEF has been listed with both this corporate for Employee Matching Gift Program.

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    Thank you for your support to CHARUSAT. Contributions such as yours will allow this beautiful academic place to be utilized for many generations to come. Helping our students will, in turn, help strengthen the peace and prosperity of global communities.

    The CHARUSAT has many needs, large and small, and we have relied on donations of all sorts from philanthropists, alumni and friends to support a unique pedagogy that challenges our students to learn by doing and to engage their education proactively.

    You can donate online to CHARUSAT for satisfying one of its needs. We accept online donations via PayPal. PayPal allows you to donate easily and quickly to CHARUSAT.


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