To the Philanthropists

Large Corporate have been foraying in private education sector recently. This has brought in more challenges, especially of Governance to not for a profit organization like us i.e. Shri Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar Kelavani Mandal.

The biggest challenge, which an organization like us could face, is of financial resources and utilization. All the educational institutes established by Kelavani Mandal have been on unaided basis i.e. without any grant or support from Government or any funding agencies. The fees of these institutes are also dictated by Government. The intake of any of these institutes is also determined by Government. Salaries, which comprise major cost component, are also stipulated by Government. These constraints make difficult the financial resource planning of any not for a profit organization like us.

The Kelavani Mandal has initiated Education Outreach program under which various Education support activities are carried out. In order to help the students build their career, Career Development Centre has been established at Dahou, a village near Changa. The Centre runs Courses of Computer and Spoken English. In the initial stage, CHARUSAT also donated Computers for the Centre and provided all help and support. CHARUSAT provided manpower, technical support and guidance to a college in Balasinor, a remote rural village for Language Lab Development. All facilities that are generally made available in software based Language Lab were developed in –house by CHARUSAT Staff.

Charusat Rural Education Development Program (CREDP) is a unique Education support initiative of CHARUSAT for the amelioration of school education in rural areas. CREDP has been launched on September 26, 2013 with an aim to strive for the development of school education primarily in Charotar region and eventually in the state. The program focuses on Strengthening of school infrastructure facilities through guidance in: lab development, library and other knowledge resource development and deployment of technology and other tools in pedagogy. The CREDP Cell organizes Education Support Activities like 1) Training Programs, Tests, competition for Students 2) Training Programs, workshops and seminars for Teachers 3) Counseling Programs for Parents and School Management, 4) Awareness and Motivational Programs 5) School visits 6) School Survey 7) CHARUSAT Campus visit by schools 8) Career Counseling and Awareness Campaigns etc.

These initiatives are essentially non-economic in nature generating none or negligible economic revenue. But, as a social responsibility, these are undertaken by Mandal.

We had been able to face challenges of increased competition; we had been able to manage our finances in spite of the constraints laid down by Government and We had been able to take socially beneficial initiatives only because of unflinching wholehearted support of our venerate donors. Without these donors, the stupendous growth that we have achieved would have been a distant dream.

Up till now, approximately Rs.22 Crores (US $ 5.5 million @ Rs. 40/- per dollar) have been received in the form of donation. About 800 families have been behind this munificence. Out of these eight hundred, more than 55 % have been NRIs. Their wholehearted response and support is evident of their love for their country and affection for their fellow brethren in India. We salute their patriotism.

Next few pages depict an anthology of our valued patrons. The donations shown are the actual amount received by us.