Education Outreach Programme
Education Outreach ProgrammeBy Kelavani Mandal

Kelavani Mandal strives to bring about social upliftment of community in general and rural community in particular through education. For the purpose, other than on campus activities, it has also initiated Education Outreach Programme. Under the Programme, various Awareness, Teaching and Training Programs are organized. A Career Development Centre has also been established at Dabhou village. The Centre provides teaching and training in Computer, English and Communication Skills to the students from Dabhou and neighboring villages. In addition, Kelavani Mandal provides Computer and English Language training to the teachers of nearby villages along side the Career Counseling to the rural students.

    Felicitating Students for Higher Ranks
    Felicitating Students for Higher RanksBy Kelavani Mandal

    Uniquely, Kelavani Mandal supports the bright and needy students of the society. By way of creating a Scholarship Fund, the Mandal supports the meritorious students. In addition, it also felicitates the meritorious students with Prize & Certificates and provides financial assistance to the needy ones.

      Other Activities
      Other ActivitiesBy Kelavani Mandal

      To bring about social upliftment and transformation through knowledge and education of the community in general and rural community in particular, Kelavani Mandal has also initiated many other activities. It includes Career Counseling and Awareness Programs, Teachers’ Training at CHARUSAT Campus, CHARUSAT Campus Visit of rural school children, Educational support, guidance and services to village schools, and infrastructure development and technology deployment for villages. After the establishment of Charusat Rural Education Development Programme, the activities of Teaching, Training and Awareness Programs are coordinated and executed in coordination with CREDP Cell.