Microsoft IT Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy program is designed for accredited academic institutions worldwide. Today there are thousands of Microsoft IT Academies in more than 100 countries and regions.

The program provides educators with the tools they need to effectively train students on Microsoft technologies, prepare students for the global economy, and create a skilled community. This subscription-based membership program offers curricula, courseware, and online learning for students focused on a profitable career path, life-long learning, and Microsoft certification.

  • Access to a wide variety of Microsoft curricula and certifications
  • Extensive teaching resources
  • E-Learning courses for educators and students
  • Software licenses for lab and classroom use
  • A wide range of instruction, from computer basics to high-level programming and architecture
  • Use of the Microsoft IT Academy logo and other marketing resources
  • Students enrolled in a Microsoft IT Academy can attain technology skills and Microsoft certification, which helps prepare them for the 21st century workplace and improves their employability.

    Students receive

  • Instruction in the latest Microsoft technologies.
  • Information about the latest Microsoft programs for students, including the following
  • Students to Business: Connects students to potential internships and jobs.
  • Imagine Cup: Engages students globally through an innovative competition, and enables them to apply skills they have learned.
  • DreamSpark: Enables students to access software outside their courses.
  • Technology education not only prepares students for the workplace, but it also helps them succeed in school. A recent case study found that students enrolled in IT Academy courses became more engaged in their overall learning.

    In today’s economy, cost savings is a priority. The Microsoft IT Academy program offers an affordable solution created just for schools. The program includes curricula that can be used in the classroom or to supplement students' individual learning needs.

    The Microsoft IT Academy program enables institutions to :

  • Offer a world-class curriculum to help students learn the latest Microsoft technologies and earn Microsoft Certifications.
  • Provide rich, online learning for students anytime, anywhere.
  • Link academic learning to real-world job skills by helping students graduate with the IT skills they need to advance in their career.
  • Create a skilled workforce for employers.