CHARUSAT has a team of academicians dedicated to innovate latest advancements for development of more than 64 programmes in 20 distinct disciplines. Its innovative, highly integrated curriculum helps students develop and hone their skills while building their knowledge of fundamentals.

The curriculum of the University promises imbibing in students the core knowledge of the course with sufficient practical aspect attached to it. The curriculum is developed focusing on the future trends of the corporate world and understanding the skills and expertise that would be expected from the future professionals.

The core curriculum emphasises on applied learning and encompasses the basic concept of experiential learning. The core modules are structured to give an impressive and broad grasp of the essentials that a successful professional must have. These modules balance hard, statistical abilities with the softer but no less important abilities of inspiring and managing people. The curriculum taught also takes learning beyond the classroom, making case analysis and class discussions more than academic exercises.

The University ensures that the curriculum is as per international as well as industry standards and is properly maintained. To help achieve these objectives, the University has specifically started some practises few of which have been mentioned below:

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