Unique Initiatives and Practices

Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) has initiated the Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) programme to promote exemplary research in the fields of Science & Technology, including Pharmaceutical Science, Applied Sciences, Management Studies, Computer Applications, Medical sciences and other such sciences.

The Post Doctoral Fellowship Programme at CHARUSAT intends to promote the research that has the following objectives:

a) A time bound focused research work

b) Research work which fits into the CHARUSAT research plan

c) Research projects assigned by the industry

d) The research project supported through Government Funding agencies or any other such entities

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CHARUSAT has an ambitious vision of becoming a World Class University. Some of the means adopted by CHARUSAT to achieve its vision of becoming a global University are:

  • Development of its Teachers
  • Attracting World Class Faculty
  • Fostering Research and Innovation
  • Imbibing constant innovations in pedagogy
  • Benchmarking with best practices of the world
  • Networking with exemplary Faculty/ Institute
  • It’s with these aspirations, CHARUSAT has initiated establishment of 12 Endowment Chair(s). Interest accrued from the endowment fund is used in carrying out academic enriching activities and to promote research and innovation at CHARUSAT.

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    To promote quality research activity in the campus through healthy competition, CHARUSAT has introduced Best Research Paper Award in various disciplines under each faculty. One award per Calendar Year is to be given under each discipline. The Award in each discipline comprises of a citation, a trophy and cash prize.

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    Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) is a research center falling under Council for Scientific Industrial Research (CSRI), Govt. of India. It is considered one of the reputed Centers for Research in Chemical Sciences. CHARUSAT has given recognition to CSMCRI as a Research Center as well as given approval to CSMCRI Research Scientists as Ph D supervisors of CHARUSAT.

    CHARUSAT has been permitted by Shri Manubhai Patel, MD, Sigil (India) Pvt. Ltd., Baroda to use the premises and manufacturing facilities of Sigil (India) Pvt. Ltd., Baroda for testing and development work of Research being carried out at CHARUSAT. Thus, several research projects which are initiated by CHARUSAT will entail testing of products in real life situations, development of new instruments/ machinery etc.

    Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) encourages, facilitates, promotes and safeguards scientific investigations, research and innovation. The Intellectual Property (IP) policy of CHARUSAT provides guidelines for making inventions and discoveries available to the general public in the interest of the nation at large. IP policy of CHARUSAT aims to lay down the process for promotion and support to creators/ innovators at CHARUSAT for translating their creative works into IP. This policy also aims to set forth guidelines for ownership of IP developed at CHARUSAT, those directly or indirectly associated with CHARUSAT, either in-house or outsource, seconded or sponsored unless specially covered by a policy to the contrary.

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    CHARUSAT is established as a Networking University collaborating with many a Institutes and Corporate of National and International Repute. It has already had collaborations with the following organizations / institutes for different purposes:

  • University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • The Northwick Park Institute for Medical Research, UK
  • Technische Universitat, Dresden, Germany
  • Teri University, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology
  • Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI)
  • ABB
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
  • Sigil (India)
  • V U Nagar Industries Association
  • Vatva Industrial Association
  • Government of Gujarat
  • Dhara Biotech
  • Margen Impex
  • Laila Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  • TCS ion
  • TATA Power Solar, and many more.
  • To initiate and foster research in Space Technology, Charusat Space Technology Center (CSTC) has been established on 15th June 2013.

    Broadly, it functions with the following objectives:

  • to provide best possible educational facilities for training students for the careers in Space Technology,
  • to provide a healthy atmosphere to students and faculty for higher studies and research,
  • to provide research and development consultancy,
  • to establish bridge between university and industry to provide services to industries and to community at large.
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    In order to promote merit and scholarship, CHARUSAT has instituted 27 different Gold Medals with the help of philanthropic donors. Students with highest CGPA in specific disciplines are awarded with gold medals on the Convocations. Today, when there is the tradition of giving Gold Plated Medals, all the Medals conferred by CHARUSAT are real Gold Medals with certificates.

    Following are the Medals awarded to the Students of different disciplines and programs:

    Sr. No.Gold MedalProgram
    Faculty of Technology and Engineering
    1Shri Dinsha Patel Gold MedalM Tech (ME)
    2CHARUSAT Gold Medal M Tech (EC)
    3CHARUSAT Gold Medal M Tech (CE)
    4CHARUSAT Gold Medal M Tech (IT)
    5CHARUSAT Gold Medal M Tech (EE)
    6CHARUSAT Gold Medal (Faculty Level Gold Medal)M Tech
    7Shri Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar Samaj - MatrusansthaB Tech (ME)
    8CHARUSAT Gold MedalB Tech (EC)
    9CHARUSAT Gold MedalB Tech (EE)
    10Shri Rajendra B Engineer Gold MedalB Tech (CL)
    11Smt. Sumitraben C Patel Gold Medal B Tech (IT)
    12Smt. Sumitraben C Patel Gold Medal B Tech (CE)
    13Virchandbhai Ramdas Patel – Mahudha – Gold Medal (Faculty Level Gold Medal) B Tech
    Faculty of Computer Science and Applications
    14Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Gold MedalMCA
    15CHARUSAT Gold MedalM Sc (IT)
    Faculty of Pharmacy
    16Shri Ramanbhai B Patel Gold MedalB Pharm
    17Shri Ramanbhai B Patel Gold MedalM Pharm (PT)
    18Shri Ramanbhai B Patel Gold MedalM Pharm (QA)
    19Shri Ramanbhai B Patel Gold MedalM Pharm (DRA)
    20Shri Ramanbhai B Patel Gold Medal (Faculty Level Gold Medal)M Pharm
    Faculty of Management Studies
    21Shri Devang Patel Gold MedalMBA
    Faculty of Applied Sciences
    22Dr. B H Patel Gold MedalM Sc (BT)
    23CHARUSAT Gold MedalM Sc (AOC)
    24CHARUSAT Gold MedalM Sc (MI)
    25Shri P D Patel Gold Medal (Faculty Level Gold Medal)M Sc
    Faculty of Medical Sciences
    26CHARUSAT Gold MedalB Sc (Nursing)
    27CHARUSAT Gold MedalBPT

    To provide the students with enriched education, chapters of various academies like CISCO Networking Academy, Oracle Academy and Microsoft IT Academy are established at CHARUSAT Campus. During the course of the study, students also get an opportunity to learn and practice new concepts, tools and technologies through Certificate Programmes offered by these academies. They also make them more industry ready.

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    A unique E-governance System is in place at CHARUSAT. It is the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for delivering services, exchange of information & knowledge, and integration of various stand-alone systems. All the processes at CHARUSAT are synchronized through E-governance. For example, various student related data like students’ database as per the admissions given, fees record, results, and transcripts are synchronized. Similarly, integration between Accounts and HR Sections through E-governance gives a comprehensive picture of an employee’s service, salary and gradation, and leave. This helps generate collective reports.

    In order to generate electricity required for CHARUSAT from solar energy, a Solar Plant has been installed in consultation with TATA Power Solar Systems Ltd., Bangalore. It is a 100 kWp Roof-top grid-tied solar photovoltaic power system installed on the roof of the Third (Civil & Mechanical Department) Building of CSPIT at a cost of rupees around 60 lacs. 60% of the Electricity consumed in the building is generated by the Plant. In future, more plants will also be established on the roofs of other buildings.

    To utilize IT resources and infrastructure of CHARUSAT for IT requirements of others, it has implemented both - Private and Public cloud. All Institutes and department level server applications and campus e-governance facilities are being migrated to central cloud ready environment at WIN Cell through Private cloud. Other Moti27 organizations like Matrusanstha located at Piplag, Kelavani Mandal located at Anand and Hostel located at Vidyanagar are centrally connected through Public Cloud and hence, their server level applications and other IT requirements are facilitated centrally. Entire setup is managed through VCenter application at WIN Cell.

    In order to streamline the grievance handling system and for safety and well-being, Students’ Grievance and Redressal Cell, Cell for Prevention of Sexual Harassment (CPSH) and Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC) have been created at CHARUSAT. Faculty and Staff Members are deputed and information regarding the same is also made available to the students and staff.

    Established on November 22, 2011, CHARUSAT Employees Credit & Consumer Co-operative Society is established as a social responsibility and to care for CHARUSAT Employees and their welfare. It works on the principles of self-reliance, frugality and co-operation. It lends money at nominal interest rates and provides various products to its members on no profit no loss basis.

    CHARUSAT fosters an aspiration to be a World Class University. As a step towards the same, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) has been established under Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). It has been established with on objectives of providing holistic exposure to students on various areas including Values and Ethics, Critical Thinking, Academic Writing, Languages, Communication Skills, Psychology, Sociology, Liberal Arts, Culture and Society, International Studies etc as a part of their overall personality development with effect from September 27, 2013.

    Uniquely, the Course Structure of Humanities and Social Sciences leads to the development of students in the order – Personal, Social, and Professional. To foster creativity and to develop a sense of aesthetics in the students, six different courses of Liberal Arts are offered to the students of professional programs in the Workshop Mode: Painting, Photography, Sculpting, Pottery and Ceramic Art, Media and Graphic Design, and Art & Craft.

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    CHARUSAT has always been taken initiatives of care to promote physical, mental and social well being of the students. Health Check up of every first year student seeking admission in CHARUSAT and of all the Faculty and Staff Members is compulsory. This is for the benefit of the students as unrecognized disease/s which they are not aware of can be detected at the time of the check-up and the treatment can be taken at appropriate time.

    For the purpose, for the purpose of providing practical – clinical training to the students of paramedical courses and for the service of community at large, CHARUSAT has joined hands with Matrusanstha and Kelavani Mandal in the establishment of World – Class Multi-specialty 450 Bed Hospital on CHARUSAT Campus at Changa – a 250 Crore Project.

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