Faculty members of RPCP strive to receive funding for Research Projects in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Project title Funding Agency Principal
Duration Remarks
Clinical Assessment of Ayurveda Formulation Ashwagandhadi Lehya as Aphrodisiac and in Treatment of Oligospermia CHARUSAT Dr. Manan Raval 2,73,000 Feb 14 – Feb 16 Completed
Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic study on aphrodisiac phytoconstituent CHARUSAT Dr. Vijay Parmar 150,000 July 15- Dec 15 Completed
Preparation and evaluation of biodegradable in-situ gel forming injectable controlled drug delivery system based on thermoresponsive methyl cellulose hydrogel. GUJCOST Dr. Gayatri C. Patel 500,000 Dec 14-Dec 16 Completed
Development and validation of stability indicating   chromatographic methods (Accelerated and Real time stability study) for identification of some herbal formulations used in CNS disorder. GUJCOST Dr. Samir G. Patel 490,000 Dec 14-Dec 16 Completed
Container Stability Testing Amanta Healthcare Ltd., Gujarat, INDIA Collaborative 225,000 Nov 13- June 14 Completed
Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic studies on aphrodisiac phytoconstituents. GUJCOST Dr. Vijay Parmar 4,00,000/- Dec 14-Dec 16 Completed
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of flavonoids derivatives as potential Non-Steroidal Aromatase Inhibitors in Breast Cancer. GUJCOST Mr. Umang Shah 620,000 Sept 15 – Aug 17 Completed
Evaluation of multicomponent Ayurveda formulation-Ashwagandhadi Lehya. GUJCOST Dr. Manan Raval 450,000 Sept 15 – Sept 17 Completed
Development and characterization of nano-sized drug carrier microencapsulation formulation. GUJCOST Mr. Ravish Patel 180,000 Sept 15 – Dec 17 Completed
Travel Grant to Non ICMR scientists ICMR Dr. Jalpa Suthar 95,922 Submitted Jan 2018 Completed
Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on isolated principles of Argyreia speciosa for aphrodisiac and spermatogenic potential. GUJCOST Dr. Niraj Vyas 450,000 Sept 15 – Aug 17 Ongoing and applied for extention
Improvement of physico- chemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredient via solid state modification GUJCOST Ms. Kunti Shah 3,60,000 March 16- March 18 Ongoing
Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel lipid lowering agent GUJCOST Ms. Avani Choksi 1,00,000 June 16- May 18 Ongoing
Pharmaceutical Product Devlopment Velocity Pharma. USA Dr. Amit Patel 1,25,000 July13- July 17 Ongoing
A study of Chemical Compatibility of drug with container Amanta Healthcare Ltd, Gujarat, India Dr. Samir G. Patel 2,00,000 Dec 15 – Dec17 Ongoing