Ramanbhai Patel College of pharmacy has its own library with latest infrastructure and amenities. It has excellent collection of text books, reference books, national and international journals, magazines, technical reports, important volumes of pharmacopoeias, e-books and e-journals and CDs.

Salient features of Library:

  • There are more than 9000 books available in library including text and reference books costing more than 83 lakhs rupees.
  • Library has adequate space to accommodate 100 students at a time for reference purpose.
  • Library has more than 70 books in soft copies and 180 CDs.
  • Library has subscribed about 33 national, 3 international journals and 72 e-journals costing more than 8.5 lakhs rupees.



Aseptic Laboratory

RPCP has its own kind state of the art Aseptic laboratory. It is designed as per industrial requirements. It includes separate area for Sterility testing and microbiological work. Aseptic laboratory is designed to give best practical knowledge to student how to carry out work in aseptic laboratory. It is equipped with different instrumental facilities like

AHU (Air Handling Unit) system for sterile air supply, Centralized auto clave system, Laminar Air Flow, BOD incubator, Hot Air Oven, Colony Counter and Zone Reader


Pharmaceutical Machine Laboratory

Designed to provide industrial skills to students in pharmaceutical formulation area. Equipped with Pharmaceutical production machines like Rotary tablet machine, Manual capsule filling machine, Cap and bottle sealing machine, Tablet coating machine, High speed homogenizer, Ampoule filling machine, Ultra centrifuge and ball mill. It is also equipped with different evaluation machines like Stability chamber, Dissolution test apparatus, Disintegration test apparatus, Friability testing apparatus, Sieve shaker, Brookfield viscometer, Spray Dryer, Extruder Spheronizer and Probe Sonicator.


Sophisticated Analytical Instrumental laboratory (RPCP-SAL)

  • Designed to carry out qualitative and quantitative analytical work for raw material and finished pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Designed to provide good practical analytical knowledge to students as a part of their academic curriculum.
  • Equipped with analytical instruments like, UV spectrophotometer, HPLC-PDA detector, HPLC with ELSD detector, Spectrofluorometer, HPTLC System, Upright Microscope with Camera and Image Analysis Software, Digital analytical balance, Gel Electrophoresis, BIOPAC Data Acquisition System , Mili-Q water purifier system.


Departmental laboratory

Total 11 laboratories are spread over four major departments’ viz. Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. All laboratories are spacious with good light and air ventilation availability.

  • All laboratories have dedicated storage and working space to accommodate 25 students at a time.
  • Separate locker facility is also available for every student.
  • All laboratories have basic facilities like gas and water supply, exhaust system, hot air oven, magnetic stirrer, microscopes, water bath etc.



Class rooms

Class rooms are Air conditioned, well furnished and equipped with LCD projector and Computer facility which enables interactive and ICT based teaching-learning process with good and ambient learning environment.


Computer laboratory

  • Designed specially to provide students’ basic theoretical and practical knowledge of communication/ language as a part of their academic curriculum.
  • Provided with separate computers with stereophonic headphones and mic to facilitate conversations between staff members and students.
  • Provided with projector and LCD for seminar or presentation during lecture and practical session.
  • Also serves as a seminar room and computer laboratory.



Animal House

Separate Animal house is built as per the norms of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) inside CHARUSAT campus behind RPCP building. It is housed with different animals viz. Rat, mice, Guinea Pig and rabbits. Animals are maintained as per the norms of CPCSEA and IAEC (Institutional Animal Ethics Committee).


Herbal Garden (Medicinal Plants Garden)

Separate Herbal Garden (Medicinal plants Garden) is available behind RPCP building. It is designed to provide knowledge about importance of Herbs and Plants as a medicine in individual’s life. Herbal Garden of RPCP is spread over 2000 sq meter area of land and has collection of around 160 aromatic and medicinal plants. Fresh plant parts are utilized during practical session in Pharmacology Laboratory.