One to One Student Counseling

  • Know students individually.
  • Understand their likes, dislikes, goals and dreams.
  • Know their problems at personal level, so that they could be solved and they can perform better at academic level.

Pre-Placement Orientation Activity

  • To prepare the students for an interview.
  • To arrange the lectures for aptitude session, logical reasoning and soft skills
  • To provide the guidance for competitive exams.

Academic Enrichment for Students through ICT

  • To develop skill required by Data Compression & various Software Tools.
  • To diversify the Programme contents and to establish greater relevance to local socio-economic problems.
  • Demonstrate new models of intervention facilitating critical thinking and analysis by responding to the emerging needs and changing social realities.

Continuous Evaluation And Collaborative Environment.

  • To allow teachers of various courses to evaluate the performance of their students in accordance with the objectives they had set before themselves.
  • To abolish set syllabi and external examinations based on them.
  • To replace them by a system of internal and continuous evaluation in form of unit test, quiz and through collaborative learning by teachers.

Best Practice on Curricular Aspects.

  • Demonstrate new models of critical thinking and analysis by responding to the emerging needs changing industry realities.
  • To introduce job-oriented and skill-based courses.
  • Contribute to generating new knowledge for teaching in classrooms and allow testing of theories infield practice.

Learning through Expert sessions and Video Lectures.

Audiovisual material provides a rich medium for teaching and learning. Video can effectively communicate complex information to a student and, if used creatively, can become a powerful expressive tool. Similarly expert sessions are also very useful method for teaching the students as they become comparator to outsiders. While using video lectures and expert sessions as a teaching tool can help to engage students and also prepare the students as per the industry current trends.

Faculty Industry Interaction

  • To build the healthy relation with industry.
  • To provide practical exposure to faculties when needed in form of training under latest technologies.
  • To held the Faculty Development Programme by Industry personal.