It surprises me to think of how a place so small has been able to climb such great heights in such a short time. With a blend of brilliant faculty members, excellent infrastructure, its unique course curricula and a sound learning ambience, MTIN has successfully produced some of the finest minds around. MTIN, simply put, is an immense knowledge house and a great opportunity for the motivated. MTIN helped me identify the course of my career that I wanted to take and prepared me for it. It helped me build a rock solid platform upon which I stood and took my steps into the future. After spending four priceless years here, and having got a glimpse of the outside world, I can proudly say that MTIN has put me a notch above most Nurses like me.

I just want to thank you for the excellent preparation I received through your nursing program. The hours spent in clinical lab preparing for practical exams truly made a world of difference when I started my position as a staff nurse on the intermediate care unit. I felt very prepared in the areas of critical thinking and skills application. You taught us how to work hard, to communicate professionally and most of all to apply or model holistic care." Thank you for your dedication!

"Looking back to my time at MTIN, I have come to realize that it was the right place for me to start my nursing career. I was challenged and learned something new with every one of my patient experiences and was given so many learning opportunities! I was introduced to a variety of nursing fields that gave me clarity for the kind of patients I wanted to work with after I graduated from MTIN. The nursing staff not only went above and beyond to assist students in their learning and understanding, but also taught me the compassion and care I use with my patients every day!"

In my experience as a student and now as part of the faculty, I can securely say that the staff and professors truly care about each and every student in the program and work very hard to ensure that each student has every chance to succeed. Once I graduated and practiced for a few years, I knew I wanted to help infuse the same passion for excellent nursing care that my MTIN teachers inspired in me during my studies.