One to One Student Counseling

  • Know students individually.
  • Understand their likes, dislikes, goals and dreams.
  • Know their problems at personal level, so that they could be solved and they can perform better at academic level.

Academic Enrichment for Students through practical exposure.

  • To develop skill required for patient care.
  • To diversify the Programme contents and to establish greater relevance to local socio-economic problems.
  • Demonstrate new models of intervention facilitating critical thinking and analysis by responding to the emerging needs and changing social realities.

Continuous Evaluation and Collaborative Environment.

  • To allow teachers of various courses to evaluate the performance of their students in accordance with the objectives they had set before themselves.
  • To abolish set syllabi and external examinations based on them.
  • To replace them by a system of internal and continuous evaluation in form of unit test, quiz and through collaborative learning by teachers.

Pre-Placement Orientation Activity

  • To prepare the students for an interview.
  • To arrange the lectures for aptitude session, logical reasoning and soft skills
  • To provide the guidance for competitive exams.

Best Practice on Curricular Aspects.

  • Demonstrate new models of critical thinking and analysis by responding to the emerging needs in patient care.
  • To introduce job-oriented and skill-based courses.
  • Contribute to generating new knowledge for teaching in classrooms and allow testing of theories infield practice.

Learning through Expert sessions and Video Lectures.

Audiovisual material provides a rich medium for teaching and learning. Video can effectively communicate complex information to a student and, if used creatively, can become a powerful expressive tool. Similarly, expert sessions are also very useful method for teaching the students as they become comparator to outsiders. While using video lectures and expert sessions as a teaching tool can help to engage students and also prepare the students as per the industry current trends.

Introducing new practicals with latest manikins in field of nursing practice.

Students can learn with from different kinds of manikins and models which facilitates with basic nursing procedures as well as procedure of medical surgical nursing, child health and midwives nursing.

 Departmental Website and Personal Academic Blog.

  • Departmental website to publish news, events, student Attendance, faculty info, etc for students, faculties and parents.
  • To effectively communicate with parents, students. Personal Blog to publish their tutorial, projects, assignments etc. and to improve communication/interaction with student, parents and colleagues. By Blogs Student can critically assess and evaluate various online resources.
  • To support teaching learning process effectively.

Academic Enrichment for Faculties

  • Develop a more in-depth and practical exposure of particular subject by enrolling in certification course from reputed university.
  • Best and innovative method for updating their domain knowledge.
  • To gain academic excellence and impart knowledge in detail to students.