Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

IndukakaIpcowala Institute of Management (I2IM)

Infrastructure and Learning Resources


The Institute has following resources:

Computers as Infrastructure and Learning Resource


The CHARUSAT students have 24X7 access to Wi-Fi Internet through state of the art computers and their own notebooks. The computer labs are equipped with high end servers and latest software to cater varied needs of all the students.


Dedicated computing facilities:

SI. No. Particulars Quantity
1. Students (3 Labs) 130
2. Faculty Members 25
3. Administrative Staff 03
4. Academic Work 21
5. E-resource Centre 13

 Laboratories& ICT enabled Classrooms:

All classrooms and laboratories are having Air-conditioners, and well equipped with state of art equipment, which not only cater to UG and PG programmes but are also very useful for testing and consultancy projects. The laboratories are available for the students to verify the theoretical knowledge that they imbibe in the classroom, and experience scientific principles first-hand.


I2IM has provided virtually re-live classroom experience on anytime anywhere basis with BlueBook Educational Solution, which offers a range of useful tools and applications to make the learning experience more engaging and interactive for students. BlueBook application is available on all the major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and with client application for all the devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). Students of MBA, PGDM and Ph. D program and faculty members were provided training for using Bluebook software for enhancing teaching learning process.

ICT enabled infrastructure is motivational source behind the On-line teaching and learning resources. The knowledge and information database/packages are provided to the staff and students for quality teaching, learning and research are as under:

  • Personal computer system with 300 mbps internet connectivity is provided to each faculty
  • 3 computer labs and 1 E-resource centre are available to students
  • 24X7 Centre for Research
  • E-resources like EBSCO, EMERALD, AceEquity, J – Gate are available to students and faculty members
  • On-line videos for academic purpose are accessible and downloadable
  • Online sharing of reference material through Blogs and E-mail
  • Online tests
  • Online classes through NPTEL
  • IT resources for MOOC classes for students as well as faculty members
  • Live Expert Session
  • Live streaming of Management/Business related events
  • INFLIBNET and DELLNET facility to access wide range of e-resources
  • Each classroom has availability of Computer System with Internet Connectivity
  • The institute has virtually re-live classroom experience on anytime anywhere basis with Blue Book Educational Solution, which offers a range of useful tools and applications to make the learning experience more engaging and interactive for students. Blue Book application is available on all the major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and with client application for all the devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones).


A state of Art Library for the Students

Print Resources
Book Titles 13374
Volume 16515
Back Volume 367
Journal/Magazine 77
Project Reports 523
CD/DVDs 1780
E-Database 04 +02

(4500 Journals/Magazines)

Online journal database EBSCO, Emerald and J-Gate are also accessible. Institute is also focusing on research, and software Systat is accessible for that purpose. AceEquitydatabase are accessible to all the students and faculty members for working on financial data and for management and market decision making process.

The Knowledge Resource center (Central Library) – a proud partner in the institute’s march towards its vision, plays a vital role in acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge. It has put in place policies and procedure systems and services, and the ambience that facilitate creation of new knowledge. It has an excellent collection of both print and electronic books, journals, technical reports, back volumes and other reading material. It has adequate infrastructure to meet its requirements, has computerized all its operation using software developed in-house, and provide access to the collection through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).The Resource Center contains 58,491 books with 28,341 titles, access to 7169 online journals, 282 print journals, 3000 e-books, 4800 CDs.The KRC maintains E-resource access center containing 25 computer terminals for the students in which they can access national and international e resources namely IEEE, ASME, AIP, IOP, IPS, CITC library database containing e books, journals, CDs, Project Reports, Syllabus, University Exam papers through ftp. Moreover separate computer terminals provide to students with CD writer and USB port for their presentation of seminar, project work and day to day work.

Student Housing

Student Housing is available at the CHARUSAT owned hostel (for girls) and at other 5 privately owned hostels adjacent to campus.


Institute has facilities for indoor and outdoor games like badminton, table tennis, cricket, volley ball football etc.


Transportation facility (Buses and other private vehicles) is available for students and staff from different locations in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Anand, Nadiadeveryday

Career Services

Our support doesn’t stop once classes are over. Helping out the students get ready for the job market is equally important. Placement Assistant Program helps students to get the right job. Career counselling, job fairs, mock interviews and resume writing seminars are an integral part of all CHARUSAT programmes

Facilities at I2IM

The Institute has the world class ICT enabled infrastructure for effective teaching and learning. The learning spaces are fully equipped with highly ultra modern multimedia facilities. The Institute provides highly motivated academic environment and facilities to faculty members in preparing computer- aided teaching-learning material. The Institute provides individual computer system with internet connected facility to each faculty members. The institute organizes FDP, MDP, Workshop, Seminars, Domain Knowledge Training, Soft Skills Training and Expert Sessions to facilitate in preparing material.

The institute provides photocopy and print facilities to faculty members. The institute also encourages faculty members to participate in International/National level conferences, seminars, workshop, symposia on computer aided learning and material preparation. The Institute has provided training to faculty members in the area of teaching through Interactive White Board. To motivate such a initiative the institute has the facilities like: 24*7 Internet with 300 mbps speed, computer system with latest configuration, software, e-resource centre, library with thousands of print and e-resources, linkages with reputed organizations like AMA, IIM-A, IT experts for any technical support, online learning and testing, funds to organize training for faculty members and highly digital infrastructure to implement and experiment of the prepared material. The Institute has taken initiative in the area of Blue Book Education.

The details of ICT enable infrastructure are as under:

SI. No. Learning Spaces ICT Enabled Infrastructure Utilization
1. Interaction Theatre I-VI Computer System, Projector, Mike and Speaker System, Internet Availability Use of power-point, on line videos, video conference, online expert sessions, online databases and internet facility in classrooms helps the teacher/students to teach/learn master the basic understanding of the subject with more clarity of the concepts.
2. Computer Lab I –III 130 computer systems, Projectors Enhancing Computing skills required for Management graduates, Online quiz & Test, Online exam, autonomous learning of any topic, accessing e-resource for project and research work and so on
3. Seminar Hall Computer System, Projector, Mike and Speaker System, Internet Availability Arranging seminar, workshop, orientation program, online session, live streaming of business events, student presentation etc…
4. Conference Hall Computer System, Projector, Mike and Speaker System, Internet Availability Arranging workshop, FDP, MDP, Mock GD and Interview, Video Conferencing
5. Management Game Room Computer System, Projector, Internet availability Learning and Practicing Online Management Games, Brain storming activities, Puzzles etc…
6. HR Room Computer System, Projector, Internet availability Power point presentation, Videos, accessing e-resources
7. Language Lab Computer System, Multi Media Audio-Visual system, Mike System, Internet availability Videos, Movies, PPTs to enhance English and Business Communication skills
8. E-resource Centre 12 Computer Systems with Internet Connectivity Studying e-resources and reference material for various courses, collecting information for research and project