Faculty of Management Studies, CHARUSAT

The University offers facilities to do research leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in the various Faculties and interdisciplinary areas.

1. Admissions:

1.1 As per guidelines to Admission for Ph. D Programme

1.2 Research Scholar will be admitted to Ph. D Programmeas:

A. Full Time Research scholar willing to pursue PhD on full time basis.
B. Part Time Research scholar willing to pursue PhD with other assignments within or outside CHARUSAT.

1.3 Eligibility for Admission for Professional / Scientist / Civil Servants / Industrial Executives:

The following shall be the criteria for admission of a professional / scientist / civil servant / industrial executive to a given Ph. D. programme:
(a) he/she shall be exempted from NET/SLET , M. Phil., or Ph. D. entrance test; and
(b) he/she shall be
(i) working in National Institute/Laboratory recognized by the Union or State Government, with at least five years of research experience;
(ii) a professional from corporate bodies/scientist with required academic qualification and ten years of work experience in an industry; or
(c) a civil servant who has passed the Civil Service Examinations and has five years of experience in public administration.

2. Course Structure:

2.1 The complete research programme will be of minimum 3 years duration for fulltime and 4 years for part time.
2.2 The maximum period allowed for Research Scholars to complete the programme is 7 years.
2.3 A Research Scholar has to undertake at least two courses and a credit seminar (comprising of minimum 10 credits). The course work is to be successfully completed in the 1st year. Subsequently, registration will be confirmed.
2.4 A Part/time Research Scholar has to work in the campus for at least 90 days. This residential period can be spread over the duration of the Ph. D. programme.

3. Coursework :

Once a Research Scholar is admitted to PhD Programme, he/she shall be required by the University to undertake coursework consisting of components related to research methodology including quantitative methods, computer application, and review of published research in the relevant field etc. for a minimum of three courses of three credits each and clear these within the first Two terms/semesters from the date of registration. The Research Committee shall evaluate this coursework, maintain proper records, and take a decision on the continuation or otherwise of the Research Scholar. This course work, done in the Department/ Institute where the Research Scholar is registered or in a sister PG Department within the university, shall be duly certified by the Research Committee in the PG Department/recognized Institute, and shall be treated as pre/PhD preparation. A Research Scholar with M. Phil degree shall stand exempted from doing such coursework.

Note: The ethical committee clearance should be taken if required by the concerned faculties.

4. Place of Work:

Usually the University will be the place of work for full time Research Scholars. On recommendation of supervisor and the Research Council, university may allow the research work for Ph.D. to be partially carried out at another institute/organization for all types of Research Scholars. All such institutes/organizations should have been recognized by the University.