Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management (I2IM)

The Guidance and Counseling unit

The Guidance and Counseling unit, named as Mentor-Mentee Programme at I2IM, has been designed to meet the needs of all I2IM students irrespective of their stream and semester. The programme is designed to be carried out from the time a student is admitted to I2IM and till the time he/she leaves the institute.

The main objectives of Mentor Mentee Programme @ I2IM are to assist/help students on following issues:

  1. Academic Performance of student
  2. All Round Development of student
  3. Absenteeism of student
  4. Career Guidance
  5. Social Issues

Activities carried out under Mentor Mentee Programme @ I2IM are as follows:

  • HELP Participation (Visit to villages for creating CHARUSAT awareness and generating details for the benefit of CHRF)
  • Health Check-up for all mentees
  • Resume Building activity
  • Group Discussions
  • CGCS Participation (Visit to schools and colleges for creating CHARUSAT and I2IM awareness in order to generate the perspective MBA/BBA students for I2
  • Organizing Parent Teacher Student (PTS) Meet.
  • Continuous communication with parents related to concerns about student’s progress and absenteeism issues if any.

In order to ensure a transparency in communicating the student’s progress to their wards, two Parent-Teacher-Student (PTS) Meets were organized during the academic year.

List of Activities Involved In Parent-Teacher-Students-Meet

Sl. No. Pre Event
I Preparation of

  • PTS Meet Schedule
  • Invitation Letter and Consent Form
  • Mentee Report Format
  • Feedback Form Format
  • Mentee Reports Preparation
II Sending Invitation Letters and Consent Forms
III Informing Parents
IV Receiving the Consent Forms
  During the Event
I PTS Meet Registration
II Interaction with Faculty Mentors
III Mentee Reports Discussion and statement of Objectives by Mentee
IV Collecting PTS Meet Feedback Forms and Course Feedback Forms
  Post Event

Distribution of  Mentee Report copy to students