Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture using methods that are primarily critical, or speculative and have a significant historical element. Primarily, they include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, religion, and visual and performing arts such as music and theatre. They are also sometimes regarded as social sciences that include history, anthropology, area studies, communication studies, cultural studies, law and linguistics.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) has been established under Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) with the objective of providing holistic exposure to students on various areas including Values and Ethics, Critical Thinking and Logic, Academic Writing, Languages, Communication Skills, Psychology, Sociology, Liberal Arts, Culture and Society, International Studies etc as a part of their overall development.

Previously, Department of Communication Skills offered various courses in Communication Skills at various semesters across the university. It has been transformed into the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences with effect from September 25, 2013.

The teaching of humanities instills values, ethics, global understanding, critical thinking, self awareness, cultural changes, and social mapping. It also caters to Inclusive and Holistic Education.