Prayaas: An Effort for Humanity

An Initiative of IndukakaIpcowala Institute of Management (I2IM)

Charotar University of Science & Technology, Changa


Prayaas: An Effort for Humanity is an initiative for community service by IndukakaIpcowala Institute of Management (I2IM), CHARUSAT- Changa.

Prayaas is an endeavor to make a difference to the community. It aims to give underprivileged a ray of hope and support that would give them a chance for a better future. Prayaas provides volunteer opportunity to the Management student community of I2IM, to learn management of initiatives and social responsibility with benefits for the society.

Prayaas can help them to widen their perspectives of management and at the same time, their involvement can benefit to create greater social good. Prayaas is continuously directed to accomplish the following five objectives.

  1. Helping Hands
  2. Spreading Smiles
  3. Enlightening Lives
  4. Celebrating Joys
  5. A Ray of Hope

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