E Governance and Computer and Internet Access and Training to Students

Students of MBA and PGDM program were provided training for using E Governance as a part of orientation program Enrollment Process held on August 2, 2013.

Activities of Guidance and Counselling Units

The mentor mentee programme has been designed to meet the needs of all I2IM students irrespective of their stream and semester. The programme is designed to be carried out from the time a student is admitted to I2IM and till the time he/she leaves the institute. *If required the mentoring continues after the student leaves the institute.

Based on the Point No.2, of University Circular (No:CIR/CHA/01/13/05) dated 15 01 2013 received on 18 01 2013, compliance and needful action was asked to be taken. The details of Point No.2 of the circular are as follows:

To allocate students to the teachers for counselling and it has to be done in a formal way (this has been emphasized by the president several times). For every 15 to 20 students there must be one faculty coordinator and the list of the same will be sent to the university office for records. The faculty coordinators should coordinate with the concern student and parents for the following issues:

Academic performance of the student in the internal / external exams and academic goals
Other matters like All round development, absenteeism
Career guidance on one to one basis
Other social issues.

Mentoring Workshop

In response to the circular a Mentoring workshop was organized as on January 19, 2013 for all faculty members of I2IM with an objective of formalizing and strengthening the pre existing mentoring process.

During the workshop; all faculty members of I2IM were briefed about following inputs:
The need of continuous Mentoring process, Its benefits,
Role of Mentor in Mentoring process and
Importance of maintaining the Mentor Mentee Tool Kits for all mentees
Mentor Mentee Tool Kit contained useful documentation templates which provided a formal structure to the mentoring relationship.

Since January 2013 a detailed documentation about progress of all mentees is maintained through Mentoring Tool Kit with following areas of concerns:
Academic Performance
All round development
Tracking the Absenteeism
Career Guidance
Social Issues

Under Mentor Mentee Programme following activities are carried out on continuous basis for all mentees:
Meeting with all mentees on regular basis to discuss on various objectives laid down under mentoring programme.
Provision of special slots in the session schedule for ensuring the regular meeting of mentoring programme.
Regular track of students' progress, attendance and other concerned issues and communicating the same to the parents.

It is also ensured that the Mentoring Programme at I2IM is aligned with all Curricular as well as Co curricular Activities. During 2013 14; some of the major activities carried out by using the Mentor Mentee System's structure are as follows:
HELP Participation (Visit to villages for creating CHARUSAT awareness and generating details for the benefit of CHRF)
Health Checkup for all mentees
Resume Building activity
Group Discussions

CGCS Participation (Visit to schools and colleges for creating CHARUSAT and I2IM awareness in order to generate the perspective MBA/BBA students for I2IM.

First Parent Teacher Student (PTS) Meet

In order to ensure a transparency in communicating the student's progress to their wards, a First Parent Teacher Student (PTS) Meet was organized on August 24, 2013 for Semester III MBA and PGDM students of batch 2012 14. The details are as follows:

During the First Parent Teacher Student (PTS) Meet of Sem IV 2012 14 batch total 120 Invitations were sent to parents out of which 54 parents of 47 students agreed to come for the PTS Meet, out of which 41 parents of 25 students could make it up for the PTS Meet on the decided day. Some parents conveyed their apologies for not coming for the meet, some of them agreed to come later on. Few parents came before the scheduled date of meet and interacted with faculty mentors and principal to discuss the progress of their ward. All the parents who could not make to come for PTS Meet were telephoned by respective faculty mentors and were made aware of the details of Mentee Report. The feedback given by all the parents was really appreciating and there was not a single complaint against the Mentor Mentee System at I2IM. The inputs of First PTS Meet were valued and considered for improvement in the process.

The Second Parent Teacher Student (PTS) Meet for Semester IV MBA and PGDM students of batch 2012 14 was organized on March 13, 2014. On the same day First Parent Teacher Student (PTS) Meet for Semester II MBA and PGDM students of batch 2013 15 was also organized.

In all 56 parents turned up for the PTS Meet and 60 parents called up on or before March 13, 2014. Some of the parents expressed their desire to visit the institute on the days favorable to them in the coming weeks. The feedback of the meet shows that parents are more concerned for the career development and academic excellence of their ward and are will to contribute jointly with institute for the same.

Health Services

The institute has a track record of being registered one of the highest participation across university for health checkups organised by the university. On an average more than 88.34% of students have participated in the health checkup activities.

Batch Programme No. of Students No. of Students who have undertaken Health Check up Remarks
(Absent/Under Treatment)
2015.17 MBA 120 106 14
2015.17 PGDM 8 7 01
2015.18/20 BBA+MBA 60 51 09
2014.16 MBA 120 106 14
2014.16 PGDM 25 24 01
2014.17/19 BBA+MBA 60 54 06
2013.15 MBA 116 115 01
2013.15 PGDM 07 07 0
2012.14 MBA 119 108 11
2012.14 PGDM 07 07 0
2011.13 MBA 108 103 05
2011.13 PGDM 10 09 01
2015.17 MBA 120 106 14
2010.12 MBA 108 90 18
2010.12 PGDM 17 17 0
2009 MBA 60 45 15
Total MBA and PGDM 643 88.34% 11.66%

Institute Community Service

Prayaas: An Effort for Humanity is an initiative for community service by Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management (I2IM), CHARUSAT Changa. Prayaas is an endeavor to make a difference to the community. It aims to give underprivileged a ray of hope and support that would give them a chance for a better future. Prayaas provides opportunity to the Management student community of Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management, to learn management of initiatives and social responsibility with benefits for the society. Prayaas can help them to widen their perspectives of management and at the same time their involvement can benefit to create greater social good.

Prayaas is continuously directed to accomplish the following five objectives:
1. Helping Hands
2. Spreading Smiles
3. Enlightening Lives
Career Guidance
Life Management Skills
4. Celebrating Joys
5. A Ray of Hope

Holistic Exposure Learning Programme (HELP)

HELP is an initiative of Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management (IIIM), a constituent institute of Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) aimed to fulfill the following objectives on the occasion of the completion of the seven years of Academic activities on August 10, 2013 under synergistic / comprehensive approach of management learning imparted through

Orientation Programme (Phase I III) organized for MBA and PGDM Programmes (Batch: 2013 15),
Mentor Mentee Meetings organized for MBA and PGDM Programmes (Batch: 2012 14),
Pre Mentor Mentees Interactions organized for MBA and PGDM Programmes (Batch: 2013 15)
Interactions with I2IMites,
Under Prayaas an I2IM initiative for community services:
To create / increase awareness about CHARUSAT UNIVERSITY, CHRF CHARUSAT HOSPITAL among 1800 households of 36 Villages of Gujarat State.
To profile populations / households in terms of age, education, occupation, diseases prevalent / contracted, annual income, monthly expenses, spending on healthcare, etc.
To practice management through concept of 'Learning by doing' in societal setting / open systems.
To develop an understanding about needs of various stakeholders of the society through personal interactions and observations based on field visits.
Learning to liaise with and understand management models practised by various agencies like Government, local bodies, private institutions, NGOs, etc.
To develop knowledge, skills and attitude among all aspiring managers' undertaking management education / training at I2IM.

A milestone initiative of I2IM, CHARUSAT.

It aimed at fulfilling the following objectives:

Orientation Programme (Phase I III) for MBA and PGDM Programmes (Batch: 2013 15)
Mentor Mentee Meetings for MBA and PGDM Programmes (Batch: 2012 14)
Pre Mentor Mentees Interactions for MBA and PGDM Programmes (Batch: 2013 15)
Interactions with I2IMites

Student Achievements