MBA is designed as a 2 year, 4 semester, postgraduate programme with the objective of mouldings and transforming young graduate students for value driven, competent and committed professional roles.

The institute is offering the following areas of concentration / specialisation for the MBA students:

Marketing Management
Finance Management
Human Resource Management

Additionally, I2IM is going to offer 06 more electives from the AY 2016/17. They are:
Information Technology
Health Care Management
Project and Infrastructure Management
Family Business and Entrepreneurship Management
Tourism and Hospitality
Journalism and Mass Communication

The institute has designed curriculum for the MBA Programme, keeping in view the continuously emerging requirements of industry. Students have a variety of electives to choose from, and given experiential learning through simulation exercises, summer projects, participation in consultancy, market survey, event management meets, seminars, personality development activities, leadership camps etc.Presently Master of Business Administration Programme has an intake of 120 students.

Programme Objectives

To develop an individual with strong fundamental and conceptual skills and capability combined with a deep sense of responsibility towards others and the society and commitment the growth for all individuals.
To mould future managers who would contribute to the corporate world and society through their service and leadership.
To provide experience of the simulated environment of the corporate world of decision making.
To develop future owners, managers and equip them with modern management knowledge and skills with entrepreneurship approach.

Case study method forms the essence of teaching learning process and focuses creative and critical thinking among students for effective decision making. Class interaction among the participants during case studies, assignments, projects, presentations and improve their group dynamics.