I2IM believes in developing an individual with strong fundamental and conceptual skills and capability, combined with a deep sense of responsibility towards others and the society and commitment the growth for all individuals. I2IM emphasises that individuals should experience the simulated environment of the corporate world of decision making.

Simulations and Management games
Interactive learning sessions
Role plays
Case studies
Class presentations
Group as well as Individual Projects
Expert lectures from Industry and Academics of reputed Institutes

Accordingly, the learning process involves extensive classroom instructions, case analysis and individual projects

The classroom instruction is the primary vehicle of learning. It gives strong theoretical and conceptual inputs. The curriculum and the depth of coverage are similar to that of the best business schools.

Active interaction and participation of students are encouraged. The present developments in each of the specific areas are discussed, using articles from reputed, national and international journals.

At I2IM, we strongly emphasize project work which involves extensive and in depth study of a specific topic involving research or field work.

Periodic presentations by individuals and groups are conducted. This also helps in enhancing communication skills.

The case method is extensively used for the student to experience the simulated environment of the corporate world and for developing decision making skills. The cases are carefully selected to be contemporaneous and illustrating the use of relevant principles and tools in a complex setting.

Continuous evaluation through assignments and quizzes help fine tune the concepts already learnt.

Unique Features

Mentoring of individual students by faculty and personalized counseling and attention.
Faculty guidance for Summer Training/Projects.
Special attention for weak students
Communication Skills Enhancement.
Placement Workshops and Counseling
Management seminar series (MANAS) on a variety of topics.
Industry Institution Relationship through Faculty Consultancy work and Student Projects
Cultural activities and Events

The institutional Vision and Mission are reflected in the academic programmes of the university which includes but not limited to MBA, PGDM, Dual Degree BBA and Ph.D programmes.

Keeping in tune with the vision and mission of the institute, the institute launched MBA Programme (2006), PGDM Programme (2010), Ph.D (2010) and Dual Degree Programme (2014). The Programme/course objectives are in tune with institute's mission and vision.