The Institute has the world class ICT enabled infrastructure for effective teaching and learning. The learning spaces are fully equipped with highly ultra modern multimedia facilities. The Institute provides highly motivated academic environment and facilities to faculty members in preparing computer aided teaching learning material. The Institute provides individual computer system with internet connected facility to each faculty members. The institute organizes FDP, MDP, Workshop, Seminars, Domain Knowledge Training, Soft Skills Training and Expert Sessions to facilitate in preparing material. The institute provides photocopy and print facilities to faculty members. The institute also encourages faculty members to participate in International/National level conferences, seminars, workshop, symposia on computer aided learning and material preparation. The Institute has provided training to faculty members in the area of teaching through Interactive White Board. To motivate such a initiative the institute has the facilities like: 24*7 Internet with 100 mbps speed, computer system with latest configuration, software, e resource centre, library with thousands of print and e resources, linkages with reputed organizations like AMA, IIM A, IT experts for any technical support, online learning and testing, funds to organize training for faculty members and highly digital infrastructure to implement and experiment of the prepared material. The Institute has taken initiative in the area of Blue Book Education. The details are as under:

SI. No. Learning Spaces ICT Enabled Infrastructure Utilization
1. Interaction Theatre IV Computer System, Projector, Mike and Speaker System, Internet Availability Use of powerpoint, on line videos, video conference, online expert sessions, online databases and internet facility in classrooms helps the teacher/students to teach/learn master the basic understanding of the subject with more clarity of the concepts.
2. Computer Lab I III 120 computer systems, Projectors Enhancing Computing skills required for Management graduates, Online quiz and Test, Online exam, autonomous learning of any topic, accessing eresource for project and research work and so on
3. Seminar Hall Computer System, Projector, Mike and Speaker System, Internet Availability Arranging seminar, workshop, orientation program, online session, live streaming of business events, student presentation etc
4. Conference Hall Computer System, Projector, Mike and Speaker System, Internet Availability Arranging workshop, FDP, MDP, Mock GD and Interview, Video Conferencing
5. Management Game Room Computer System, Projector, Internet availability Learning and Practicing Online Management Games, Brain storming activities, Puzzles etc
6. HR Room Computer System, Projector, Internet availability Power point presentation, Videos, accessing eresources
7. Language Lab Computer System, Multi Media AudioVisual system, Mike System, Internet availability Videos, Movies, PPTs to enhance English and Business Communication skills
8. Eresource Centre 12 Computer Systems with Internet Connectivity Studying eresources and reference material for various courses, collecting information for research and project