The U and P.U. Patel Department of Computer Engineering offers B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Computer Engineering programme. The department has strong collaboration with industries and has signed MOU with many leading industries.The graduates have found remarkable placements in prestigious national and international companies and many are pursuing their higher studies from premier institutes in India and abroad. The department has competent and devoted faculty. The computer facilities comprise laboratories of 1000+ computers and more than 20 Servers all are interconnected through fiber optic cable network.

B.Tech. Computer Engineering
M.Tech. Computer Engineering


To teach (impart) the basic fundamentals of engineering concepts (knowledge), technical/technological skills, research skills and above all the practical ability to apply the knowledge to real situations. Additionally, to install the critical values that will help in preparing the students develop into more effective, productive and focused IT professionals, good citizen and industry ready product to touch their lives tomorrow. 


Mission: The U & P U. Patel Department of Computer Engineering is committed
1. To provide world-class educational activities
2. To Deploy latest technologies
3. To foster research activities in consultation with academia and industry

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

Program Objective 1

To provide students with Core Competence in mathematical, scientific and basic engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, analyze and solve hardware/software engineering problems and/or also to pursue advanced study and research.

Program Objective 2

To train students with good breadth of knowledge in core areas of Information Technology and related engineering so as to comprehend engineering trade–offs, analyze, design, and synthesize data and technical concepts to create novel products and solutions for the real life problems.

Program Objective 3

To inculcate in students to maintain high professionalism and ethical standards, effective oral and written communication skills, to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects and diverse professional environments, and relate engineering issues to the society, global economy and to emerging technologies.

Program Objective 4

To provide our graduates with learning environment awareness of the life–long learning needed for a successful professional career and to introduce them to ethical codes and guidelines, leadership and demonstrate good citizenship.

Programme Outcomes (PO):

The graduates will become familiar with fundamentals of various science and technology subjects and thus acquire the capability to applying them.

The graduates will be able to apply engineering knowledge and skills to problem and challenges in the area of information technology and to use system or to implement system, information technologies and modern engineering tools for designing, developing high quality technology based solutions.

Students will be able to effectively design various engineering components and make process plan to successful completion of project.

The graduates will demonstrate effective English language communication skills.

The graduates will develop capacity to understand professional and ethical responsibility and will display skills required for continuous and lifelong learning and up gradation.

Students will be able to analyse the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.

The graduates will recognize the need for an ability to engage in continuing professional development.