IGNITE is providing an opportunity to showcase your hidden talent in the field of technology. It mainly focuses on technical events where one can get a chance to demonstrate the excellence. This exciting instigation has brought a theoretical shift in the minds of all the geeks for whom books are their sole mates to success. Practical knowledge is what a today’s expert seeks.

With fierce competition amongst participants from across the state, display of cutting-edge technology and motivational speeches to inspire the youth to sharpen their skills, ignite today is a wholesome platform that students can look up to.

IGNITE Seasons Summary

Sr. No. Year No. of Students No. of Colleges Participated
1 2010 464 28
2 2012 730 53
3 2013 810 38
4 2014 851 40
5 2015 700 40
6 2016 770 43
7 2017 920 41





AGNITIO is an event of 11th and 12th standard Science/General stream students to show their talent in different areas. It’s a platform where students can showcase their hidden talent. Event contains different Competitions like, Poster Presentation, Newton Circus, Games, Presentation etc.

AGNITIO Seasons Summary

Sr. No. Year No. of Students No. of Schools Participated
1 2015 800 15
2 2016 650 35
3 2017 1500 39