An Alumni Association is an important organ helping a Institute to realize its mission and goals. An Alumni Association is a development partner for the Institute, its students, and the community. Alumni relationships with the Alma Mater are lifelong relationships nurturing mutual support and growth.

In last more than a decade, CMPICA has produced technocrats, leaders, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, managers who collectively have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Rendezvous – CMPICA Reunion endeavours to bring all these outstanding individuals together on a single platform.


  • To inspire lifelong alliance of Alumni with Institute by providing opportunities for interaction and networking for mutual benefits.


  • To provide an active platform that promotes mutual beneficial interaction and networking of CMPICA with Alumni and also amongst the alumni.
  • To play an active role as a facilitator between CMPICA and industries.
  • To encourage the spirit of service and philanthropy among the member of the association.
  • To promote and support Chapter of Association and co-ordinate interaction among the chapter.
  • To raise and deal with funds and money of the association.
  • To undertake all activities for furtherance of objectives of Association.