Resources: Department of Optometry

Optometry department with mutual collaboration with Ophthalmology department of CHRF offers wide range of facilities for clinical training of undergraduate optometry students. We have following facilities at our disposal for the patient care and clinical education of students.

Refraction clinic


Refraction clinic consist of all high tech instruments for detection and correction of refractive errors of the eye. Students are posted here to observe and perform preliminary eye assessment. They are trained under the supervision of qualified staffs of CIPS.

Dispensing lab/Contact lens clinic


We have modern day dispensing lab with all verities of spectacle frames and goggles for the patients visiting ophthalmology department at CHRF. Along with that we have Contact lens clinic also for the patients having various eye conditions which requires Fitting of conventional and specialty contact lenses.

General Ophthalmology clinic


We have general Ophthalmology clinic where students are exposed to the patients with various eye diseases. General ophthalmology clinic also offers services like Phaco surgery, Pterigyum removal surgery, YagCapsulotomy.

Glaucoma clinic


Glaucoma clinic offers comprehensive evaluation of visual field and intra ocular pressure and retina with the help of high end equipment like Medmontperimetry, Tono-pen, Air puff tonometry and Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy.

Programme Detail at CIPS

Bachelor of Optometry

Intake 20 Seats
Eligibility criteria 10+2 with Sciences (Biology)
Course duration 4 year Programme including 1 year of internship


Resources: Medical Radiology and Imaging technology

CHRF is providing the best practices in its own renowned Radiology Department which is highly equipped with standard modalities for the best patient care and diagnosis as highlighted below:

X-ray machine










Resources: Department of Medical Technology

In alliance with CHRF we have well equipped laboratories with hi-tech equipment. The state of art laboratories includes a pathology lab, a biochemistry lab, a hematology lab and a microbiology lab. All this laboratories work 24×7 for 365 days and patients can avail the facility of laboratory at any time with nominal charges. The students are given compulsory clinical postings with rotation in each department. The students are trained to handle and assess the clinical samples. They are taught each and every method thoroughly by well learned and experienced teachers, pathologists and laboratory personnel. By providing such world class facilities we aim:

To provide skill oriented training and develop skilled professionals ready to work in world-class laboratories

To make students qualified professionals in Medical Laboratory Technology and be ready to work in hospitals and research laboratories, public & private health facilities, industrial laboratories and colleges

To get hands-on exposure in automated instruments and Laboratory Information Management Software.

Blood sample collection Area

We have a separate blood collection area from where the collected specimen is distributed further as per the claimed testing. Students during posting gets full fledge exposure of blood collection under the supervision of well-trained phlebotomist.

Hematology & Pathology lab

All the routine hematological testing like complete blood cell count, absolute counts, blood grouping and coagulation profile along with various body fluid analyses is carried out in this respective lab. And the students get regular clinical posting which makes them allow to learn these techniques important in diagnosis.


Biochemistry laboratory

The biochemistry lab is equipped with hi-tech instruments conducting a wide range of analyses from the blood and body fuids concerned with diagnostic and therpeutic approaches on time along with the routine health check up. All the students are posted here to learn the prinicple, operation and QC of the test parameters involved in metabolism like diabetic profile, liver funtion test, renal function test, thyroid function test, lipid profile etc.

Microbiology laboratory

It pertains a good role in the diagnostic and theapeutic approach of an infectious disease by detecting the definitve pathogen and antibiotic endoresement after getting its AST profile. All students on clinical posting learn the standard operating procedures for the collection and processing of clinical specimens including culutre and sensitivity of the respective specimen.

Immunology/ Serology Lab:

We have the hi-tech intruments for the serological assays as well advancing the diagnosis of disease caused by pathogen difficult to culture with good specificity and sensitivity. This allows a rapid diagnosis. Students learn these different serological test in terms of their clinical significance and the principle working in operation of the instrument.


Blood Bank

We have FDA approved Blood bank which is well equipped with the modern techniques utilized for the separation and preservation of different blood cell component to provide blood transfusion services. Students on posting learn these blood transfusion services starting from the tapping and blood collection from the donor to the separation of different blood component along with their preservation and regular quality check.