Research possibilities @ CIPS

The research activities have been initiated in CIPS. Currently, two Ph.D students are pursuing their career in Stem Cell Research. In near future, two more students will join their research programme and they will initiate their work on molecular pathology. Faculties from Optometry have designed their Ph.D work and they are going to start their research during the month of July-August 2017.
At present, faculties of CIPS are actively involved in the research. The major thrust area of research on Rare Sugar and its applications, molecular pathology, Gut Microbiology, Chromosomal aberration and gene expression in genetic anomalies,Tear film protein analysis, Awareness about eye donation among university students, Normative data of various visual function, Eye movements.


To become a leading institution in the field of computer applications and contribute in national efforts of computerizing public systems.


To produce excellent computer professionals with the ability to face future challenges.