1 2017 5
2 2016 10 2 11
3 2015 3 13
4 2014 3 5 12
5 2013 9
6 2012 2
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Sr.No. Project Title Guide name Student name
1. Determining the intensity and physiological effect of a Kapalbhati pranayama session in obese and non-obese women Dr.VidhiThakar (PT) Prem Patel, Vrunda Patel, Khushbu Patel
2. Awareness of Physical Activity Guidelines In Community Dwelling Adults- An Exploratory Study ZafarAzeem Dimpal M Patel, Dipen K Patel, Riddhi D Patel
3. Biomechanical assessment and feasibility concerns of Elliptical training in Knee Pain: A Lab Based Experimental Study ZafarAzeem Nidhi Patel, Vaibhavi Shah, Nishita Patel
4. Association of falls with the presence of orthostatic hypotension in elderly individuals L. Surbala Rutva, Ravi, Shrusti
5. Knowledge and attitude towards physical activity among older adults L. Surbala Trupti, Ami, Dixa
6. Immediate effects of patellar taping on dynamic balance and stride parameters in children and adolescents with Down syndrome: Pilot study Dr.Dipika Shah HetviThaker, UtsaviChauhan, SmrutiMacwan
7. Torsional profile and its association with observational gait analysis and functional mobility scale in cerebral palsy patients. Dr.Dipika Shah NaveeMaradiya, DarshitaPanchal, Amitkumar Sharma
8. Physical activity pattern and its influence on body composition measures in adolescent young girls. Dr.Dipika Shah Priya Patel, Mausam Amin, Viraj Patel
9. Comparison of dynamic balance, lower limb ROM and muscle strength among female cricketers and non-player P. RatanKhuman Rahi Shah, Shivani Patel, Mansi Joshi
10. Influence of socio-demographics on fear avoidance beliefs and pain among low back pain individuals P. RatanKhuman Margi Joshi, Shivani Shah, VyomaVaidya
11. Treatment Preferences For Management Of Knee Osteoarthritis Among Physiotherapists In Gujarat – A Survey P. RatanKhuman Archi D Soni, Akash M Patel, Abhilash C Patel
12. Effect of Type of instruction, motivation and competition on gait speed of stroke patient MansiSoni Anushree Desai, VaidehiInamdar, Devanshi Patel
13. Effect of auditory cueing in gait training in stroke patients MansiSoni Kruti Patel, SwetaPatel,VidhiSolanki
14. Identification of the preferred teaching aid and teaching method of Physiotherapy students MansiSoni Disha Ram, Kreta Patel, Nidhi Patel
15. Effectiveness of pain sciences course on pain neurophysiology knowledge of students in physiotherapy education: A cross-sectional study Shreya Patel Shivanishah,Prachipatel,Kuldipsodhaparmar
16. The relationship between the level of fatigue, range of motion and pain in patients with unilateral and bilateral osteoarthritis of knee. Shreya Patel Neel M Patel,PremdasRathav, Sachin Ravat
17. Minimal detectable change and minimal important difference in iphone application, electrogoniometer and standard goniometer in assessing knee range of motion with osteoarthritis of knee BalaGanapathy EktaPatel,Pelav Patel